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For most people, the breakdown of dietary protein into smaller and smaller peptides (amino acid chains) and finally into individual amino acids is a process that is smoothly completed as food travels through the digestive system. However, for an individual with autism, it has been found that partially broken-down components of the original proteins are able to pass from the intestine into the bloodstream. This is caused by an intestinal lining defect and/or incomplete digestion.

In the case of two of the diet’s most common proteins, gluten (from wheat, barley, oats, and rye) and casein (from milk), some of the components that are released into the bloodstream have opioid (morphine-like) properties. Gliadorphin-7 and other similar polypeptides are formed in the breakdown of gluten. Bovine ß-casomorphin-7 and other similar polypeptides are formed in the breakdown of casein. Most recently, deltorphin and dermorphin have been targeted for their potential activity as well. All of these polypeptides contain regions very similar in structure to morphine. These proteins are transported to the brain where they bind to receptors causing an effect that our research indicates is manifested in the symptoms of autism.

By removing sources of gluten and casein from the diet of autistic children, we have had immense success in at least alleviating and at times eliminating the symptoms of autism.

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We tell people that, "It's not so much cost as commitment." Some people spend a lot of money by doing all of their shopping at health food stores. We don't feel that that's necessary. By carefully reading labels and occasionally contacting manufacturers, a healthy and delicious diet can be crafted within the aisles of your local supermarket. more

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